Carmen Elegance

Beauty, Elegance and Style

Carmen Elegance

Beauty, Elegance and Style

Carmen Elegance is a high fashion brand specializing in the creation of elegant and refined dresses for women who carte about their appearance and appreciate hight quality standards. Women who want highlight their value through their look.

Carmen Elegance

Each creation we make has uniqueness, sophistication and professionalism as its purpose. Giving every women the dream of finding the right garment for every occasion, allowing her to feel comfortable, safe, admired and above all beautiful.

Carmen Elegance’s MISSION is to create beauty by transmitting it in every garment made.

Helping women find the right dress for every need, managing to convey their charm, communicating  harmony and personality.


Wearing our garments, women can find elegance, confidence and admiration  on every  occasion.

The transparencies and the very accurate details, enhance the soft, free and precise lines powerfully transmitting the message of elegance, femininity and beauty of the woman.

Carmen elegance - Eleganza, stile
Our garments are made using precious fabrics and high quality materials, from French lace to Italian silk, and are enriched with special workmanship and manual embroidery by our craftsmen.
Carmen elegance - Eleganza, stile
Behind the choice of each fabric, each color, each process and the combination to find harmony, there is a lot of research, passion and investment of time. Our work is the result of years of professional experience acquired with many sacrifices, which however has led to great satisfaction: this is why each of out dresses is original and unique.
carmen elegance - bellezza eleganza stile
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Let yourself be conquered by the sinuosity, elegance, value, richness and desire to make you feel special.

Explore the Collection of Carmen Elegance now.

Would you like an exclusive dress, made to measure for you? Contact us!

We will understand what your needs are, what you are looking for and what you would like to wear taking your wishes to heart.We will bring your idea to life, creating a unique dress for you that will not be produced for any other customer.

Partnership with

Cinema, film making and event creations.

Atlanta production is based in Marrakech, Morocco and Paris, France. È attiva nel campo della produzione dal 2012, occupandosi della produzione o produzione esecutiva. A suo merito diversi documentari, nazionali e internazionali e serie internazionali e film. Così ha accumulato esperienza in tutti i settori legati alla produzione cinematografica, come il casting, i costumi, le location, attrezzature, alloggio e ristorazione. Atlanta Production è diretta da Mr. Abdelmajid Ballouty, che ha una forte passione per il cinema e ha già lavorato con i grandi nomi del cinema e ha partecipato a Produzioni hollywoodiane girate in Marocco.


Yes, our garments are made in Italy, created by hand in the best companies with precious and refined fabrics.

Of course! For all our VIP customers, for those who have requested a personalized and unique dress, we provide a complete and exclusive after-sale service.

The Carmen Elegance after-sale assistance allows  you to have your dress restored if you have damaged it while wearing it ( tear, stain, damage).

One of our experts will take care of the repair of your dress, returning it as before and solving your problem for you.


You can see all the Carmen Elegance creation directly on our shop.

We create valuable dresses that are in touch  with you as a person, because we know how important it is to feel confident in what you are wearing. Our garments are made with high quality materials and preserve their quality over time.

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