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carmen elegance - chi sono - bellezza eleganza stile

How is Carmen Grumeza, the Woman behind CARMEN ELEGANCE.

Loving her work, carried out for many years at prestigious luxury fashion brands, Carmen decided to create her own high fashion line to express her emotions and creativity though special workmanship on luxury dresses, supported by her professional experience and passion.Her professional career for the most prestigious international luxury brands has allowed her to acquire valuable experience and real vision of luxury.

carmen elegance - chi sono - bellezza eleganza stile

Her passion turned into a mission:

Carmen Elegance is a high quality fashion line, specializing in creating elegant and unique dresses for women. Carmen Elegance's mission is to bring out the beauty of every women who wears a garment from its collection, allowing her to discover joy, elegance, admiration and define her position in society that only special dresses are able to give.

WEARING out garments you will  perceive a form of energy and magic, rediscovering the feeling of comfort, security and the power to impact society with their uniqueness. You will rediscover the sensation of feeling like a woman, influential and respected without ever going unnoticed.

Where the idea of creating her own brand comes from:


Carmen decided to create the Carmen Elegance brand to help women who in the past, like her, had difficulty finding suitable dresses that truly represented who they are.


As a professional in the field and having done this job for many years for the most prestigious brands, Carmen has always been engaged in taking care of the details and functionality of all the clothes, bringing them to excellence.


Thanks to a strong sense of aesthetics, Carmen aims to find the right formula able to help even the most demanding woman, giving her a dream wearing her dresses.


Carmen's mission is to understand, analyze and help women to enhance their personality though the choice of precious dresses which preserve their value over time, allowing them to acquire self-confidence by communicating their values to others.

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